Coen Teulings impressed with athletes

Coen Teulings the sponsor of the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge at the OYDC says he is impressed with the performances of athletes who are part of the youth leagues.

Speaking to journalists in Lusaka at the OYDC when he toured the games supported by him he disclosed that Zambia has good chances of minting gold medals at Olympic Games and other competitions.

He urged athletes to be more focused and ensure that they utilise the Teulings league to shape their sports skills.

Teulings arrived in the country on Thursday 11th May, 2017 accompanied by his wife Pauline Pauline Krayenhoff.

And Krayenhiff, was impressed to see the number of girls participating in the Teulings league.

She encouraged the athletes to keep the spirit of taking part in the leagues games at the OYDC.