188 trees to be planted at OYDC Zambia

188 trees to be planted at OYDC Zambia

In a quest to preserve the environment, about 188 trees will on Saturday 22nd February be planted at the OYDC Zambia – Sports Development Centre, as a way of promoting conservation and environmental protection using sport.

OYDC Zambia, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fredrick Chitangala, reveals that the 188 trees have been donated by the Rotary Club of Lusaka.

Dr. Chitangala, adds that Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa, has been invited for the planting ceremony which will start at 10:00 hours and will be joined by NOCZ President Alfred Foloko, Rotary Club President, WWF officials among others.
OYDC Zambia, aims at playing a key role in preserving the environment by using sport to spread conservation messages to the masses. Currently, OYDC Zambia, has a project running with the Wild Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) dubbed Play 2 Conserve were sport is being used as a catalyst to promote Conservation and Environmental Protection.

Conservation Ambassadors from OYDC Zambia, were recently trained and have been going in communities and schools to sensitize the public on issues to do with the environment. Over 400 trees have since been planted from the time the project was launched last year with support from WWF. We will dedicate to do the following as per our pledge to become a Centre of excellence in using Sport to achieve SDGs. We will continue

  1. Holding environment-related competitions in sports
  2. Developing and implementing models for sport compatible with nature and the environment
  3. Anchoring environmental communication more firmly in the work of associations and clubs and in the dialogue with broad sections of the population.

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