Charles David Cumings the first president of the Judo Association of Zambia has been amused to see several judokas participating in the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge at OYDC Zambia.

Cumings who on Saturday 3 June 2023 was with the current Judo Association of Zambia president Alfred Foloko watching several judokas compete in the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge applauded the association for having grown and producing top judokas who have represented Zambia at competitive competitions both local and international.

Cumings says as one of the pioneers of judo in Zambia it gives him pleasure to see efforts the association is making to ensure that athletes from different clubs take part in many competitions which have resulted in the sport becoming part of the Podium Performance Programme.

He says the success stories of judo he has heard from the current executive is motivating and called on other sports persons to make use of OYDC Zambia facilities.

And Judo Association of Zambia General Secretary Mabvuto N’guni disclosed that it was an honour to have a man like Cumings witness how hundreds of judokas were pinning each other on the tatami.

He says his contribution to judo in Zambia can not go unnoticed adding that the foundation he laid continues to yield good results.

Meanwhile, judoka Nathan Cumings grand son to the first judo president says it was such an honour to witness how his fellow judokas were fighting.

He said the determination and passion exhibited by judokas show that the sport is loved by many and should be supported by all.

The OYDC Zambia organised the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge a youthful league supported by Coen Teulings Chairman of Merifin Capital in Belgium and engages athletes in several sports disciplines. The games on Saturday conducted other than judo include netball and football and saw hundreds of athletes enjoy taking part in well-organised games watched by Alfred Foloko who is the National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) president.

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