The Merifin Capital in Belgium has signed a US$ 200, 000 sponsorship extension deal with the OYDC to fund the “Teulings Youth Sports Challenge” for the next two years which will resume on the 23rd February, 2019.

The Teulings Youth Sports Challenge was initiated in 2011 with competition in Basketball, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball and support academy sport.

OYDC Director Dr. Fredrick Chitangala, has announced that the newly signed sponsorship deal will now have Swimming, Netball, Taekwondo, Hockey and Beach Volleyball as some of the sports disciplines which young talented athletes will be competing in and supported by Mr. Coen Teulings, Chairman of the Merifin Capital in Belgium.

Dr. Chitangala, has paid homage to Mr. Teulings for having supported the centre which has benefited over 3,386 athletes in the last eight years. The program has also extended to support all sports under the “Teulings Academy” programme which saw other talented athletes supported to reach their potential and participate at International events.

Dr. Chitangala, has also appealed to local and international corporate organisations to emulate Coen Teulings

“We appeal to the corporate world both local and international to emulate Mr. Coen Teulings, Chairman, of the Merifin Capital, to come forth and consider supporting our programmes, maintenance of sports facilities and the OYDC Lodge. Your support to our Centre will contribute to the development of sport in this country and ensure that we help bring glory to mother Zambia. We are looking forward to a more successful year than previously but this can only happen with partnerships”.

In 2018, OYDC hosted the 8th edition of the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge which came to an end on the 27th October, 2018 with top deserving athletes, teams, coaches, umpires, and sports administrators being awarded with trophies and medals. This event was witnessed by Coen Teulings representative Hans Bertels, who was amused with number of athletes who had continued to participate in the Youth league games and being sent to represent the nation at regional and Olympic Games.

OYDC was also recognized by the Africa Union Sports Council Region 5 Games in December 2018 as a major contributor to sports development. The “medal of honor” award was received by OYDC Board of Trustees Chairperson Mr. Simangolwa Shakalima.

The Teulings Youth Sport Challenge was established to cater for athletes aged between 10 and 18 from different parts of Zambia.

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