Six-year-old taekwondo player remains undisputed

Six-year-old taekwondo player remains undisputed

Wanipa Mwanza, the youngest player in the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge at OYDC has remained undisputed after winning three fights in her age category.

Mwanza, from the time she started training and competing at OYDC she has proven and shown her taekwondo skills which have since left her coach and spectators amused.

From the time the 2022 Teulings Youth Sports Challenge commenced Mwanza played three fights winning all of them.

Her coach Patson Ngoma says the young girl is destined for greatness with her skills adding that it’s sad there are only a few girls’ parents have allowed joining taekwondo.

He says some parents think taekwondo is only for boys when in the actual sense can be played by girls too.

He added that the young girl during the games on Saturday 21 May 2022 had no opponent and ended up showcasing demos in which those who were present to watch her were left in a state of jubilation saying she is a future Olympian.

OYDC organised the games in other sports disciplines which include judo, teqball and rugby all under the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge.

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