The Teulings Youth Sports Challenge keeps getting tense at the OYDC Zambia as teams in the league continue to showcase amazing sporting skills to secure top slots.

Sport in Action Chipata netball team is the latest to lead the log standing in week 5 games played at the centre by securing 12 points and surpassing Olympafrica which has 9 points and is known to be the strongest team in the league having been on the top slot for soo many months and winning the league at the close of the season.

Mbombela Netball team has taken the second spot from SIA Chipata netball with 12 points but has fewer goals (20) while the top team currently has (28) which has seen it lead the log standing.

League’s favourites team OYDC has tumbled a bit with 6 points but is bracing to catch up and fight for the top spot in the next games.

Teulings netball coordinator Felistus Chilinda discloses that the games for the year 2023 are competitive and unpredictable adding that teams which performed well last year are now being beaten by those who used to record low points.

She pointed out the SIA Chipata netball team which is doing well adding that if they continue with their passion, dedication and consistency they stand a good chance of winning the league and being crowned champions during the 2023 Teulings Youth Sports Challenge grand finale.

About 10 teams all drawn from Lusaka townships participated in the games at the weekend and braved the cold to get on the playing field.

The Teulings Youth Sports Challenge is a youthful competition which has been running at the OYDC Zambia since 2011 and has seen talented boys and girls from different sports disciplines graduate to senior clubs and national teams and go as far as taking part in major local and international competitions.

The league is sponsored by Coen Teulings Chairman of Merifin Capital in Belgium.

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