Coach urges girls to take up netball

Coach urges girls to take up netball

A netball coach Bessie Nanyangwe, has urged young girls from communities surrounding OYDC Zambia to take up the sport of netball.

Nanyangwe, who is an assistant coach for Matero Netball team, which is part of the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge, disclosed that most of the girls in her team have chances of being selected to play for the national team.

She adds that unlike being home and doing nothing, young girls should take the opportunity to join netball at the OYDC Zambia which can also make them excel in their sporting careers.

She noted with sadness that some girls in communities are indulging themselves in bad vices hence the need for them to take up sport which in turn will make them refrain from bad activities.

The OYDC Zambia, on 26 September, 2020 hosted the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge which has five sports disciplines; netball, beach, taekwondo, hockey and swimming.

The league is supported by Coen Teulings, Chairman of the Merifin Capital in Belgium.

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