OLYMPAFRICA takes the lead in Teulings netball

OLYMPAFRICA takes the lead in Teulings netball

OLYMPAFRICA netball team has yet again dominated the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge for the year 2020.

The U17 netball team which is part of the youthful league which the OYDC Zambia hosts currently has 31 points after playing other competitive teams.The netball team in the past few years has been emerging overall winners of the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge and getting rewarded during the grand finale which is held at the end of the year.

With only few weeks remaining to this year’s grand finale, the closest rival to OLYMPAFRICA is Chipata’s Sport in Action with 28 points.

The games are currently in week 11 and OLYMPAFRICA netball coach Bwalya Mwandwe says he is confident his team will emerge winners at the grand finale. He adds “with only a few games remaining, the team will ensure that the closest rival does not surpass OLYMPAFRICA”.

Other teams are Chazanga with 18 points, OYDC with 12 points, Zanimoune 9 points, Mambilima 3 points while Alpha Academy has 0 points.

The Teulings Youth Sports Challenge has five sports disciplines namely hockey, swimming, netball, beach volleyball and taekwondo.

The youthful competition is supported by Coen Teulings Chairman of the Merifin Capital in Belgium who has sponsored the league since 2011.On Saturday, 13 November, 2020 the games were played at the OYDC Zambia as athletes prepare for the grand finale in December.

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