As Schools open, OYDC Zambia Chief Executive Officer Dr Fredrick Chitangala has disclosed that management is in the process of reviving the literacy centre at the facility to allow athletes and other users access to education.

He says management is endowed to inspire many talented athletes and people to take education very seriously adding that you cannot put school aside.

The OYDC Zambia staff Monday 8 May 2023 decided to rock the back-to-school challenge in a fun and creative way. They wanted to show their support for the pupils and remind them of the importance of education.

‘’OYDC Zambia is a Sports Centre, and most of our clients if not all are either athletes or they’re hoping to be athletes. So our encouragement to them they may have a talent, they may have exceptional in sports and maybe excellent on the sports field but I want to encourage them that they should not throw school away. Let them go to school, and combine it with sport and they must know that sport has a limited lifespan of 30 to 35 years they are out of it and they need to go back to what they learnt in class. And also our message today as OYDC Zambia is that we hope that in this term we should be complete with our plans regarding the re-opening of our literacy centre so that some of our athletes who are not able to read and write properly can be given the skill they need to function in the sports industry but also to give them a leeway to get back to school’’ Dr Chitangala said.

The Literacy Center at the OYDC Zambia was initiated in 2010 when the facility was officially opened to the public with a view of imparting knowledge to many underserved athletes and youths from communities surrounding the multisport facility. Over 2000 athletes and youths have since benefitted from this initiative.

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