Teulings taekwondo coach calls for more girl participation

Teulings taekwondo coach calls for more girl participation

Teulings taekwondo coach Sydney Njala, has called for more girl participation in the Teulings Taekwondo league which takes place at the OYDC Zambia – Sports Development Centre.

Speaking on Saturday, 17 August, 2019 when over 100 young talented players were participating in the well-organized Teulings Youth Sports Challenge, Njala called on parents from communities surrounding the OYDC Zambia to encourage girls to take up the sport of taekwondo saying it will help them not only keep fit but also refrain from being engaged in bad vices.

Njala, disclosed that the competition is going on well with good turnout of athletes coming to compete as the grand finale for the year 2019 nears. He added that the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge is helping Taekwondo Association of Zambia to identify athletes who can be selected to the junior and senior national teams.

And taekwondo player Keisha Mbulo, who had won her fight says she enjoys taking part in the Teulings taekwondo league unlike being home doing nothing. Mbulo, thanked her coach for giving her can opportunity to be competing in the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge.

Meanwhile, OlympAfrica netball team has continued to dominate the Teulings Netball league which also took place on Saturday. Coordinator Likemore Mahunje, announced that the team has been consistent with their winning formula which other teams seem not to have. He mentioned Chipata, Chazanga, and Chawama as some of the teams which came to compete.

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