14 year old Teulings hockey player Monde narrates her Ghana games experience

14 year old Teulings hockey player Monde narrates her Ghana games experience

A young and vibrant hockey player Monde Mwananyambe has narrated her experience when she was picked as the youngest athlete to play for team Zambia at the Africa Cup of Nations hosted in Ghana earlier this year.

Mwananyambe, who plays for Scimitar Hockey Club which is part of the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge at OYDC says the experience was worthwhile being the only young person in the team.

“It was such an honour to be selected to be part of the national team for Zambia to play with other countries in Ghana. It shows that my coach had the confidence in my skills despite us not coming back home as champions” she said.

In addition Monde has advised her fellow young players to be patient and follow guidelines from their coaches when competing in order for them to be considered for such selections.

And Scimitar Hockey Club coach Brenda Kalunga says her club is currently leading with 9 points in the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge after entering week three.

She adds that her player Monde Mwananyambe has continued to show her talented hockey skills after the games were held on Saturday 7 May.

“For the past three weeks, our girls have been dominating the Teulings Youth Sports Challenge. Our secret is consistency and making sure that these athletes are well trained and have respect for others ” she said.

Other teams that played include Lusaka Sharks, Hotspurs, Springfield, OYDC and Zambezi.

Meanwhile, The Teulings Youth Sports Challenge attracted about 300 athletes on Saturday with beach volleyball being one of the games played. The games are usually conducted every weekend and engage talented athletes below the age of 17. The games which have been running at OYDC since 2011 are sponsored by Coen Teulings Chairman of Merifin Capital in Belgium.

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