NAZ begins 2019 world cup qualifiers preparation

NAZ begins 2019 world cup qualifiers preparation

The Netball Association of Zambia (NAZ) has partnered with UK sport and England netball in its quest to qualify the Women’s Senior Netball National Team to the 2019 World Cup to be held in Liverpool, England.

The team which is currently camped at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) has seen different players from around the country come together and is set to undergo different training skills.

England netball has provided the team with technical assistance and UK sport has provided financial support to aid the team with camping.

NAZ General Secretary Pritchard Ngoma, says the two partners came on board after the impressive performance by the Zambian Netball National team at the 2015 World Cup which was hosted in Australia.

The team is currently ranked 16th and 5th in the world and in Africa respectively has given the general secretary confidence that they will qualify to the forthcoming World cup competition.

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