Zambian Baseball5 players have dominated the ‘’Exchange Friendly’’ games taking place at the OYDC Zambia – Sports Development Centre being played against players from Zimbabwe.

The games are in three age categories U13, U15 and U18.

Zambia is being represented by 60 players while neighbouring country Zimbabwe has 47 players.

In today’s opening games, Zimbabwean players have been slapped badly with the baseball5 in their faces in the U13 and U15 categories while the U18 will be played on Friday 10 March 2023.

Zambia Baseball and Softball Association general secretary Kenny Matishi has disclosed that the developmental games will help improve the sport in the country adding that despite baseball5 being launched recently in the country it has proven to be the fast-growing sport not only at the OYDC Zambia but the nation at large.

Meanwhile Destiny Matamba one of the coaches for baseball5 Zimbabwe says his players are learning a few skills from players from Zambia. He adds that despite not winning any game the experience is worthwhile and has inspired many of the players currently camped at OYDC Zambia.

By press time the following results were recorded;

U13 Game 1 (Team A)

Zimbabwe 3: 9 Zambia

U13 Game 1 (Team B)

Zambia 12:0 Zimbabwe

U15 Game 1 (Team A)

Zambia 11:3 Zimbabwe

U15 Game 2 (Team B)

Zambia 16:9 Zimbabwe

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